Divan International

Dear Browser For Success

We are one of the leading cultural exchange, educational, training and travel organizations in the Arab World.
24 years ago I was managing a Rice Terminal, a Jordanian American joint venture. While recruiting our terminal staff, engineers and management staff we found out after interviewing so many university graduates, that university graduates were unemployable especially when having English speaking partners. Unable to speak English and having no practical experience were the main obstacles against placing them in job positions. That’s where the Divan idea was inspired from. As a founder and being an exchange student myself who finished high school and university studies in the United State of America & having experienced studying in English as second language and studying while working and gaining  practical work experience . This has given me a wealth of experience that I wanted to pass to the Arab youth in all their levels of education.


Our Mission

To provide the highest quality in education, training and travel experience for young people from the Arab world.
To meet their needs and to inspire them in order to make a difference in their lives.
How do we achieve it?
By having caring, professional leaders and well-trained educational consultants working at all levels to make our vision a reality.


Our vision

Success is built on four foundations:
1- Quality Education
2- Practical work experience
3- Good command of the English language
4- The international personality of you
Having the above four foundations you need an opportunity, if you know how to take it you are on the road of success “If you believe it, you will achieve it”.
We strongly believe we have opportunities to work with you to achieve it. It would be a pleasure to include you in our range of programs.


Kamal Wajih Hijazi
Founder & CEO

Divan International