Experience Education

We are proud to announce launching the first specialized centre of its kind in the Arab region. Schneller Center is an important new educational training centre using the most recent developments in educational techniques in the world. The most important special features in the Center it’s educational filed which consists of: the challenge garden for experimental education, the sense garden for intensive education, the educational support garden and meditation garden. The field is built on more than 4 hectares of Schneller School premises in Marka-Amman.

Mission Statement

In line with our understanding of the complexity of modern societies and its impact on the educational environment of students and adolescents, the Center’s mission is to equip educators with the lasts techniques in teaching and training students with a special education due to social and psychological factors, as well as in dealing with the various serious issues of social and psychological implications of modern social trends and changes.

Targeted Groups

The centre’s targeted groups are classroom teachers: support specialist; social workers; psychologist; counselors; speech/language therapists; school nurses; school administrative staff; administrative interns; educators working in boarding facilities; trainers; and vocational trainers.

The various skills that the participants will learn during the course can also be applied to their daily working life.

The aim is to develop the following social skills:

  • Effective Communication
  • Manage and overcome conflicts
  • Develop compassion for others
  • To be able to work in a team  

There are two different challenges in the Hochseilgarten:

  • A low element (left)
  • A high element, raised at a height of 12 meters (right)


Certified trainer’s supervisor each section of the course, All 18 experts has international experience and the safety of the participants is a fundamental aspect of the training

Who can use the Hochseilgarten?

- Schools and Universities
- Institutes and Embassies
- Companies and Banks
- Youth groups and Scouts

The exercises of the heart of the Hochseilgarten follow a new education pedagogy set on developing a vital set of social skills. Its many obstacles challenge individual to work together using teamwork, creativity and organization to overcoming both physical and social barriers in the process. Participants get to know each other in a new, exciting setting, building stronger social bonds and creating a dynamic group spirit.

The Hochseilgarten, or Rope-Course, was built in 2007 by a team of Jordanian and German experts.  All of the required material was graciously donated by the Evangelischen Stifing Pflege Schonau and the BBW Neckargemund gGmbH.

What is ‘Experience Education’? It is a proactive approach to learning comprised to 3 main elements: Teamwork, adventure and a close interaction with nature.

The main objectives are to:

  • Identify, develop, and apply the unique skills of every individual
  • Reinforce interpersonal communication
  • Achieve a sense of team spirit
  • Promote peaceful conflict resolution.