To qualify for work as a Registered Nurse in one of the above countries you have to meet the conditions set for the country of your choice. The conditions are as follows:

To working in the USA you need:

  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing, 5 years experience, OR Master Degree
  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing, 2 years experience in: ICU, CCU, or ER Surgical
  • You have to successfully pass the US NCLEX Exam as required to practice nursing (we prepare you for NCLEX)

To working in Canada you need:

  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing
  • ILETS score 5.0 or higher
  • 1 year experience

Note: We will help to successfully pass the Canadian CRNE Exam. we can Prepare you for CRNE Exam in Canada.

To working in the UK:

  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing
  • 2 years experience Psycho related experience
  • ILETS score 6.0 or higher, (if you meet all of the above qualify you for work permit)

To working in Australia:

  • ILETS score 7.0 or higher qualify you directly for a R. Nursing job (pay Aus. $ 35-$ 50 per hour), or;
  • ILETS score 6.0 and attend 1 year Nursing School, qualify you for work as RN without the ILETS
  •  Attend a 1year program (cost Aus. $ 10,000) to qualify as a RN and the ILETS score 7.0 shall not be required

This program in cooperation with American Health

American Health

American health is a US established nurse staffing and educational agency based in New York City, USA. And is exclusively dedicated to the training and placement of nurses in the United States and other countries, such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, where we have access to satellite office facilities.

It has come to our attention through our partner Divan International that there is a sizeable number of nurses who have completed their Bachelor’s degrees studies and have a great desire to continue their education for the US NCLEX exam and/ or Master degree, and wish to be able to pursue their career opportunities in the said countries where shortages of qualified nurses exist.

We carefully select the nurses who become part of our team. These nurses are assisted throughout the process such as obtaining the required visas for each respective country and completing all the required preliminary examinations. and process them into universities and assist them find employment within these countries if needed. In addition, we have made available a two-months training course for the NCLEX and CRNE exams using materials prepared by American and Canadian professors. And Since English may not be the primary language of the applicants, we offer assistance in passing the IELTS or EPT. To this effect, our English schools of fully certificated and experienced teachers of the English Language have prepared materials to assist the nurses in the successful completion of the qualifying English Language Testing Component.

The Program

This program is designed to advance our RN nurses’ professional and qualification levels, and to aid them obtain the US or Canadian Nursing Board credentials. This will help them gain better jobs opportunity anywhere to improve their quality of life. This program can be achieved by traveling to the USA and studying the NCLEX and or continue your education for BA or the Master, at prime US university with affordable cost.