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Work & Travel USA allows international students to discover life in the United State, with great flexibility and at an affordable cost. the...

Work & Travel USA allows international students to discover life in the United State, with great flexibility and at an affordable cost. the Work and Travel program is designed for the purpose of giving overseas students a chance to become more than typical tourists by having first hand experience in the U.S working with U.S citizens in temporary employment, most importantly you will discover America and yourself during your summer vacation. Through out the work & travel U.S.A program you can work in a variety of jobs for a period for your university summer vacation.                       Benefits of the program:     Discover America     Immerse yourself in American culture     Get Practical work Experience     Improve your English language skills    Gain Travel History & Experience    Build Self-confidence and Self-dependency    Enhance your work skills    Improve your CV   Eligibility Requirements:     You have 18+ years old.     You are registered as a full time student at a university.     You are able to function in an English-speaking work environment.     Undergo an English language interview.   For more information about working in the United States of America please visit the Employment Options Types of Jobs allowed in Work and travel USA     Amusement Parks     Resort work     Hotel work     Restaurant work     Department stores     temporary office work     theme parks   Types of Jobs not allowed in Work and travel USA     Au pair, mother helper, nanny, babysitter, servant, maid or other jobs of a domestic nature in private home.     All type of medical services.     Camp counselor, crew member on ships or airplanes.     Any door to door sales job.   Important Documents:     A copy of a valid passport.     5 appropriate color smiling photo size 5×5. (US embassy required)     A copy of English proficiency proof or Program Test taken at Divan.     Complete the participant application form.     A student proof from your university – two original copy.   Other important documents you may need when applying to the US Embassy such: as a bank statement, visa fee receipt, a completed US visa application … etc.For more information about important documents please visit US Embassy FAQ   Our part in your Journey     Assistance in obtaining a Job.     Assistance in obtaining US-government issued documents DS-2019 and J-1 Visa allowing you to take employment in the USA.     Extensive pre-departure information.     Extensive support services in the USA.     Advisory staff through out the program period (24/7).     Orientation to visa counseling interview.     Travel arrangements and Tickets.     Full cover insurance while you are abroad.     Help in obtaining social security number.     SEVIS registration   Orientation Students participating in the program must attend two orientation sessions: 1 Visa orientation conducted by our staff at Divan Travel Student. During which you will learn: Useful information about how to complete your application documents; Ds-156 Ds-157, Ds-158You will also learn how to apply to U.S embassy, interview tips, what kind of documents you need to take in order to obtain a visa.                      2 Host Country Orientation conducted by Our staff which will give you a chance to meet the people who will provide you with the help and advice you will need during your stay in the U.S.A and to answer any questions you may have, and You will get a scoop on important issues as: Program support servicesUp date on employment trends.Tips on work and housing.General guidelines on making the most of your Work & Travel USA program.Tax refund details, banking and your rights and obligation as an employee and tenant .Immediate practical advice on local transport system and communication       Please Note: Participant’s stipend or wages might not cover all of their  expenses . Ensure that you have enough money upon arrival in the USA to cover additional coast, such as domestic transportation in the USA Transportation to and from work, housing coast, meals, or spending money. bring additional personal funds about 1000US$ to cover your  expenses, while you are in the united states.        

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If you take your future into consideration and It seeks to achieve your dreams, what you need is a program that meets your goals and your...

If you take your future into consideration and It seeks to achieve your dreams, what you need is a program that meets your goals and your ambition ... That our courses are diverse and pleasant and helpful and will certainly be memorable and effective step to achieve professional success and will emerge with the needed experience, new friends and new skills for life and career. speak language with greater confidence and get the qualifications to enrich the value of your resume and build a foundation for true success.Learning English language programs at the levels effectively and efficiently and quickly break the barrier of fear of speaking out. learning LAnguage in the native speaker countries give the ability to speak and practice the language in all aspects of personal life and school life, you will study and live through your travels with us in different countries , where you will be able to practice the language in your daily life through the use of all the language skills of listening and speaking, and reading and writing and get to know new civilizations and cultures. During your studies in one of our institutions and from the first day of arrival, using the language  everyday, and the student will feel also the hospitality in the enviromen of education.   Our Language programs: Adult courses (Adults +16): the general language courses for the age of 18 years and above, periods ranging from two weeks up to a year in all levels and are available throughout the year, these courses aim to raise the level of language match with the student needs, whether in the field of work or as a requirement for admission to the universities. Beginners courses (Junior -16): courses to learn the language and integrate them with sports activities and trips and entertainment for more information about this course please check the summer camps,. Specialized courses: courses designed for individuals and emplyees to learn and focus on the language in the area of ​​specialization such as language of business, law, managers, staff and teachers aimed to raise the skills needed by the learner in his field of specialization or level.   Academic year to learn the language: The first step towards an academic or professional future  is to get fluency in conversation in foreign languages, and this will make you become a global citizen, when return to your home country you will have an impressive academic certifecate, this program is designed for students who wish to complete their higher education, or international students who have completed secondary education or in some cases completed grade 11 of high school are eligible to join the Preparatory Year of Universities (Note: If your English is less than the required level of English will need a short english course or one year to reach desired level)   Learn and Train your Language: Practical training and the actual learning the English language and its use to improve your career and raise your opportunities to be accepted in the  universities and also get and strong certifecation that will help you to get a better job.   What is a career development program: It is a program that combines intensive period of study in the employment and skills to work with the study  language to Learn and develop work and practical skills training and employment leading to that you have qualified for the internationally recognized certificate EDEXCEL .   Why choose this program: • This program provides participants the opportunity to combine academic study with a period of practical training. Our goal is to increase the student experience and give him confidence and increase their skills in the workplace and to raise awareness in the demands of the professional environment.• enable students to take advantage of the cultural and social elements that come with immersing themselves in all aspects of everyday working life in the United Kingdom - Britain• Students will work toward an internationally recognized qualification at the same time gain valuable experience in a professional work environment while working as an intern in the British company.   Career Development Program Studies program:Studying for 23 hours a week in order to get the preparation for the  EDEXCEL and study between 3-9 units for a period of 6 or 10 or 16 weeks, according to the chosen program of CDP and then be evaluated participants to get an estimate .EDEXCEL Training and language learning in Britain:Training and study program in Britain prompt for young people 18 years , where the program learn them English with paid training in the hotel industry, the program focuses on learning job skills and develop the confidence of the learner and stimulated to work and improve the necessary work environment skills where students learn through study on the British community, with notable healthy and safety in the workplace and enhance their CVs for work and setting goals and methods of management and dealing with problems, the student at the end of the program will get certificate from the National Council for further education (NCFE), the third-body examinations of the United Kingdom, in addition the student has the option to grant Cambridge degree in practical experience (UCLES).    The program focuses on practical skills and deepen the student through the combination between the theoretical and the practical side, ranging program for between 27 weeks and 35 weeks determined by the student's level of English and have training in hotels for tourism and tourist resorts and restaurants where he believes the employer housing and food in addition to the wage trainees in it.      Preparation year:MBA preparation: What is the preparatory year for MBA?This program prepared the MBA students to study in English-speaking universities and give them English language training in business management, and prepare them for the exam required to be admitted , the Basic course is 36 weeks and students can be qualified in the duration of 12 weeks or 24 weeks. As the great competition for entry to any MBA program, the MBA preparation year will help them for a better chances in getting admission, Our program includes - prepare for the Master of Business Administration one month practical training in the field of business administration at the Registration long-term course of 20 weeks or more. Students and professionals enrolled who do not have the necessary language or academic certificates to the program in order to join the program MBA in one of the English-speaking countries, in fact, to enter the MBA program student to complete a 4-year university degree in management (BA), age 25 and above with at least two years experience working in management. Accommodation:Accommodation will be provided to our students with English host families and they are well selected with breakfast and dinner host we have great years of experience with the cooperation with our special partners in the reception of young students from all over the world and help them get used to life in the destination country. And provide them with comfort and welcoming atmosphere in the home environment and make it easier for students to adapt to life in the destination country and help them in their daily schedule There is also students residency in single or double rooms and all rooms are comforts and safety are available.         Benefits and choices for our programs:     study in specialized institutes to teach the language, for the general students or specialized staff and managers in the field of work.     Short courses or long-term courses and with different weekly study hours to suit all levels of business     Study with international students from around the world, providing global atmosphere and diverse environment cultures     Different and flexible schedules to start courses throughout the year     Acceptance of all language levels from beginner to advanced     Arrange accommodation and meals and reception to and from the airport     Provide important tips to get the visa required  and more information about the country of study to enjoy the experience of reality and intensive care     activities, educational programs and enjoyable excursions in all courses   Invest on your Dreams ... with Divan International Study Language... 45 different destinations in the World ... 7 Languages To Learn...                

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Divan in cooperation with accredited; affordable and flexible admission American universities offer a unique Master study in different...

Divan in cooperation with accredited; affordable and flexible admission American universities offer a unique Master study in different majors and specialization. Some of the universities offer a unique educational practical training program, the CPT (curriculum practical training) program allows the student to train while they are studying their Masters; This experience provides students with a chance to practice the latest theories and approaches in their particular discipline and gives them a competitive edge when going out into the workforce. Meanwhile, another practical aspect for most students is the opportunity to earn money that will help finance their education. The University will assist qualified students in obtaining an education that will equip them with the skills necessary to compete in the global market. And this is the main and major goal of getting your Master degree froman American Universities. Important Note: the CPT program is offered after 9 months of your study.   Some of the Masters Degree Programs   Master of Business Administration (MBA), with concentrations: Management, Health Care Management and Project Management  MBA International Business    Master of Advance Computer Science (CS)  Master of Information Systems Management  Master of Health care management  Master of nursing administration  MA Communications  MA International relation and Diplomacy  MS Computer Engineering  Master of International Hotel and Tourism Management Master in Accounting  Master in Information Technology with concentrations in: Software Engineering, Computer Networking, Computer Security, System Development, Telecommunications and IT Project Management   And other Masters degrees available upon request Admission Requirements The Master degree program is designed for students who value both classroom and practical experience. Specific requirements are:  Transcripts and certificate of BA/BS a 4-year bachelor's degree or its equivalent, with min GPA 2.75 and for the students whose GPA is below the required with special criteria to take the foundations courses. Work experience is a must!  English proficiency requirements: TOEFL is not needed if you prove that you had two years of your study was in English speaking medium of instruction, and we offer conditional admission for the ESL programs  No GRE/ GMAT are needed.  Complete the full application package  Bank letter showing a minimum amount of 20,000$ - 31,000$ balance  Two letters of recommendations  Updated CV  4 photos of 5x5 white back ground Copy of a valid passport   Benefits to the Student   Two years of Master Degree with the chance of getting the practical training and skills experience those students receive by working in an American Company.  The University offers daytime, evening, and weekend courses.  After graduation students have the option to work for a full year in the USA under the OPT program.  Students will be assisted to find affordable housing and Airport pick up.   List of suggested Universities National University San Diego, California  Silicon Valley University, West Sacramento California  Northwestern polytechnic University, Fremont, California  Southern New Hampshire University,Manchester, New Hampshire  Stevens - Henagar College   Salt Lake City, State of Utah Lincoln University San Francisco, California California University of Management and Sciences Los Anglos, California Sullivan University, Louisville, Kentucky Northwestern Christian University, Eugene, Oregon Aristotle University School of Public Health, located in Carlsbad, California (in San Diego county)      Divan International and with its strong partnership and cooperation with many American educational organization, we can help the student to get the Master program that match with their educational and career goals in other than the above mentioned universities.. Please ask us                   

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The community college is considered one of the most important educational stages, that gives the students the opportunity to study in...

The community college is considered one of the most important educational stages, that gives the students the opportunity to study in different majors, also the community college is considered low-cost tuitions compared to the universities, this educational system provides the students with the opportunity to gain credits for the first 2 years of the Bachelor’s degree .The college provides the students with many benefits including chances to improve their English language skills and help them to integrate these skills into the American culture and new society.   Furthermore, community colleges allow students from a wide variety to study together in classrooms and learn from each other. Students straight out of high school work side by side with adults returning to school after having been in their career field for a while. You will meet students from a variety of ethnicities, socio-economic classes, and overall lifestyles. You will benefit from these differences between students when working on group assignments, attending study groups, or just chatting with classmates between classes. Why to study in the community college: •    Low cost affordable for the students, the tuitions fees and the living cost compared to universities.•    Flexible transfer to any universities to complete the bachelor degree level•    The community college offers a wide range of programs.•    Small student numbers and small classes, the average of 30 students in each class which provides a strong attention and ongoing support from the professors. Required documents: •    High school transcripts•    Bank letter for the existence balance MIN of 17,000 U$ for the student’s sponsor•    5*5 pictures white background•    Copy of passport that is valid for at least 9 months              

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In cooperation with New York Clinical Skills Prep (NYCSPREP) Founded in 2011, the NYCSPREP program was born out of the desire to reach out to...

In cooperation with New York Clinical Skills Prep (NYCSPREP) Founded in 2011, the NYCSPREP program was born out of the desire to reach out to foreign medical students and graduates to create a platform to deliver equal educational experiences and opportunities to all medical students. The NYCSPREP Clinical Program is hands-on clinical experiences that help medical students learn about the American Health Care system. NYCSPREP ensures educational training delivered will be within teaching hospitals. The clinical programs provide opportunities to acquire the necessary skills relevant to the six physician competencies assessed by the ACGME. Medical Students and graduates within the program will obtain opportunities to rotate in several hospitals and familiarize themselves with the US health system, insurance and documentation processes. Students will rotate alongside other American medical students, residents and attending physicians within our many hospitals located within the state of New Jersey and New York State. NYCSPREP currently has 8 main hospitals that participate with our program. We are currently in the process of bringing several more hospital into the program. Students are randomly assigned to any of these hospitals based on student and preceptor schedule and hospital policies. NYCSPREP has successfully matriculated over 360 students through our network of hospitals. Students, who complete their rotations with NYCSPREP, gain the necessary skills to be highly competitive during the residency match. In 2014 & 2015, 26 of our students applied for the residency match in various places throughout the United States and successfully matched. This year we have had over 30 students who had applied for the match.   We make you our priority Recommended courses to all Medical students: Clinical programs 2017 USMLE Step Exam Preparation & USMLE step2  Clinical skills workshop Step 2 CS  Clinical Clerkships Program; Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Family Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry  Clinical Clerkship Assessment and Evaluation  (Graduation Competencies) Patient care, Medical Knowledge, Practice- Based Learning and Improvement, Interpersonal and communication Skills, Professionalism, Systems-Based Practice Medical Rotation Specialty Curriculum; Patient care, Medical Knowledge, Practice- Based Learning and Improvement, Interpersonal and communication Skills, Professionalism, Systems-Based Practice     Clerkship Policies and Procedures Prerequisites Each student shall be responsible to upload the entirety of their required documents to the NYCSPREP website prior to their selection for an interview and before commencement of your clinical rotations. All documents will be submitted to each of hospitals upon request.   The following documents are required: 1. Clear copy of Passport Identification Page 2. Clear copy of valid status in the US – VISA, Green Card, Citizenship etc. 3. Proof of enrollment in the Medical School – e.g. bona fide certificates, official letter of enrollment, transcripts or diploma, no objection certificates 4. Official school transcript showing an overall course pass rate of 70% 5. Copy of student’s current Curriculum Vitae (CV) 6. Copy of signed contractual agreement with student 7. Letter of Eligibility or Long-Term Clerkship Certificate (New York State Requirement) 8. Completed application for Malpractice Insurance* 9. Proof of immunization and Annual Health checkup 10. Proof of ACLS, BLS, & CPR certification 11. Proof of HIPPA/HIV/Infectious Disease and Barrier Control certification 12. Proof of Background check* 13. Proof of health insurance*   Malpractice Insurance Each prospective student will be required to acquire and maintain limited liability insurance for the entire duration of their clinical rotations; this can be provided by the School or NYCSPREP. This insurance is available directly through a NYCSPREP approved agency at an additional cost to the student. NYCSPREP will procure and maintain in force during the term of this agreement, insurance in amounts that are reasonably necessary to protect the hospital against liability arising from or incident to the use and operation of the facility by Students.   Background Checks Upon request, NYCSPREP shall provide proof of a lawful background check, which shall include At a minimum: a felony criminal search.   Health of Students NYCSPREP shall provide to the hospital and preceptors, satisfactory evidence that each student is free from contagious disease and does not otherwise present a health hazard to the preceptor, patients, employees, volunteers or guests in the hospital. Such evidence shall include without limitation the results of a recent tuberculin skin test, chest x-ray and evidence of immunity from rubella and measles.   Student Program Description and Responsibilities The clinical experience of each student during assignment at the hospital shall be governed by the following rules and regulations: 1) Students shall be supervised by a licensed physician (D.O. or M.D.) 2) Students shall assume responsibility for and perform their assigned duties in accordance with the rules and regulations of preceptor and the hospital. 3) Students shall not be permitted to accept financial compensation or any form of gratuity for rendering patient care. 4) Students at the sole discretion of the supervising attending shall be assigned to specific patients. History and physical examinations should be completed on those patients whom the student will be following on the service to which they are assigned. 5) Students should perform "pre-rounds" on patients or chart review, and accompany the preceptor on rounds, conferences and consultations when appropriate. 6) Draft progress notes, using SOAP model, maybe written by the students only under the direct supervision of the supervising physician. 7) Students shall not order any examinations, tests, medications or procedures. Students shall not write prescriptions for medicine, devices or anything requiring the authority of a licensed physician. 8) Attendance by students is required at all conferences, discussions or study sessions, and any other programs of an educational nature designed specifically for students each conference should be documented with an attendance record. In addition, students should be encouraged to attend lectures for interns, provided these do not interfere with the student's own program. 9) Students are to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner and shall follow the dress code of the training institution and College at all times. 10) Students shall become familiar with patient's rights in accordance with hospital and preceptor’s rules and regulations, and applicable State and Federal regulations. 11) Following the clinical and administrative policies, procedures, rules and Regulations of hospital and preceptor. 12) Arranging for their own transportation and living arrangements when not provided by NYCSPREP. 13) Arranging for and assuming the cost of their own private health insurance. 14) Assuming responsibility for their personal illness, necessary immunizations, tuberculin test, and annual health examination. 15) Following dress code of the hospital and preceptor and wearing name badges identifying themselves as Students. 16) Attending an orientation of preceptor and hospital facilities. 17) Keeping all patient information confidential. No student shall have access to or have the right to receive any medical record, except when necessary in the regular course of their clinical experience. The discussion, transmission or narration in any form by students of any patient information of a personal nature, medical or otherwise, obtained in the regular course of the program is forbidden except as a necessary part of the practical experience. 18) Students participating in any clinical activities that put them in contact with patients or physicians at the hospitals or in clinics are expected to dress appropriately for that occasion. The word ‘appropriate’ might be difficult to define; therefore on the first day of each rotation students should consult with their preceptors to ascertain what is expected vis-à-vis dress and appearance. Traditionally, clothing items such as jeans, flip-flops, torn or dirty sneakers or sleeveless shirts should be avoided at all times in any rotation. Selection/Retention of Students NYCSPREP shall be responsible for the selection of the programs’ Students, and any disciplinary action taken with respect to these students, including termination of their contract. Each prospective student performing their clinical rotations will be subject to an online and real-time interview prior to their selection for the program. Training Supervisor may make recommendations to NYCSPREP regarding the selection, retention and disciplining of the students. Students must also meet other health, drug testing, immunization and infection control training criteria required by the hospitals. All students must show proof of BLS, CPR, ACLS, and all other certificates required by the hospital and State in which they are completing their clinical rotations. Each person must comply with all medical center policies, rules, regulations and procedures while on rotational assignment at the medical facilities.   Hospital Orientation Each student will be required to attend all of the required hospital orientations prior to their initial rotation start date. Upon completion of the program’s orientation, each student will be assigned a hospital orientation appointment schedule. Successful completion of the orientation is mandatory in order to rotate through the hospital. We ask that the students adhere to the schedule given them and refrain from requesting changes in the schedule that was provided them. Each hospital will also provide a hospital identification card which must be worn in accordance with hospital policies.   Didactic Class Sessions NYCSPREP believes in promoting the highest level of educational standards. Students rotating through our program will participate in weekly didactic sessions. Classes will be held at least once per week at each of the hospitals, and is open to all students, residents, and interns. Lectures feature the most current medical advancements and also those topics that are most pertinent to those students studying for their USMLE board exams.   Vacation/Study Time Students will be required to request their vacation time and is subject to NYCSPREP approval. Medical students completing will follow the assigned vacation allotments and times set forth by their medical school. Those students must obtain permission from their doctor and NYCSPREP to take sick leave. In the event of prolonged illness, or inability to continue with the training program due to any health conditions, please see “past time completion clause” below for administrative action protocol.   Personal Appearance Students participating in any clinical activities that put them in contact with patients or physicians at the hospitals or in clinics are expected to dress appropriately for that occasion. The word ‘appropriate’ might be difficult to define; therefore on the first day of each rotation students should consult with their doctor/preceptor to ascertain what is expected vis-à-vis dress and appearance. Traditionally, clothing items such as jeans, flip-flops, torn or dirty sneakers or sleeveless shirts should be avoided at all times in any rotation.  Letter of Completion Upon completion of the entire Studentship/Clinical Clerkship training program, each student will be given an Official Letter of completion, clearly outlining the time spent in each medical specialty. Students are free to approach staff and attending’s they work with to procure letters of recommendation, based on their performance. Students shall not approach any one staff member more than once per month, and no more than two separate staff members per month. Failure to comply with this may result first in documented, verbal reprimand, and on repeated infraction, subjection to (“aberrant behavior and deviation from contract clause”).   Course Locations : NEW YORK • All our sessions are held twice a month at our state of the art, OSCE Center. The OSCE is an Objective Structured Clinical Exam facility, with about 8 examination rooms where our Mock Test as well as practice sessions are held. These rooms resemble the actual test venues. • We provide access for our students to practice at our facility after the course. Students may practice Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. These sessions are guided by our Medical faculty.  POST COURSE FOLLOW UP We would encourage all our students to start practicing cases and type and send us the notes for evaluation, till the time of their test – the patient notes template is available on our website.   New York Clinical Skills PREP, Tutoring Program The following programs are also offered by NYCSPREP: 1. One-on-one USMLE Step 1/Step 2CK Tutoring • We need not emphasize that achieving competitive scores on your Steps has become the absolute first step to get a Residency interview. Everything else comes after that. We at NYCSPREP have created a highly successful 1-on-1 tutoring session, wherein we will pair you up with a Tutor, who has scored in the 245’s and above in their respective steps and who is extremely smart, dedicated and teaches with a passion. • This unique approach provides you with an insight from the brightest into how to do well in your Steps. They will work to clarify doubts from the syllabus, reinforce concepts and good learning techniques, keep the student motivated and on pace. • We can tailor a 1month structured course, focusing on Key concepts, and Test taking skills. The course begins with a pretest evaluation and a custom tailored program follows-where we will be crafting a comprehensive and customized study plan to ensure you progress efficiently and effectively from the start to your ideal test date. • Our program will chart your progress and test preparedness regularly. This practice will create a familiarity with the testing process, so that you will eventually become comfortable with the test. Our tutors will help you succeed in a test, where they themselves have excelled. They will work to clarify doubts from the syllabus, reinforce concepts and good learning techniques, keep you motivated and on pace. • Obviously, we can’t guarantee scores but we have found this tutoring system to be an effective learning tool. Additional Programs Offered by NYCSPREP 2. Hire an SP for USMLE Step 2CS 3. Spoken English Proficiency Training for USMLE Step 2CS 4. ERAS Residency Application 5. Personal Statement Review 6. Mock Interview Training for Residency   Other Specialties Available Determined, authorized and subject to change. The following clerkships can be tailored and organized according to the semester in which the rotation is taught and set forth by your Medical School. Sample of what we have done so far:    5th Semester:   1. Internal Medicine  4 weeks  2. Family Medicine  4 weeks  3. Psychiatry  4 weeks      6th Semester:   1. Pediatrics  6 weeks  2. General Surgery  8 weeks  3. Obstetrics & Gynecology  6 weeks      7th Semester:   1. Endocrinology  4 weeks  2. Infectious Disease  4 weeks  3. Neurology  4 weeks  4. Dermatology  4 weeks  5. Clinical Nutrition  4 weeks      8th Semester:    1. Pain & Palliative Medicine  2 weeks  2. Orthopedic Surgery/Trauma  2 weeks  3. ENT (or Ophthalmology)  4 weeks  3. ENT (or Ophthalmology)  4 weeks  3. ENT (or Ophthalmology)  4 weeks  3. ENT (or Ophthalmology)  4 weeks  4. Urology  4 weeks  5. Ophthalmology  4 weeks  6.Geriatrics  4 weeks      

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Why Choose Russia :   Russia is the world’s 6th largest economy by GDP. Russia has a fast-moving and growing economy. Russian International reserves...

Why Choose Russia :   Russia is the world’s 6th largest economy by GDP. Russia has a fast-moving and growing economy. Russian International reserves increased dramatically Russian public-debt-to-GDP ratio is very low Services are prevailing in Russian economy In Russia it is relatively cheap to start business Russia has one of the largest domestic markets in the world Russia has the highest growth in household consumption per capita Russian population is highly educated Russia has a relatively low unemployment rate   Why Study in Russia : 1. Living in a unique country Russia is a hospitable and a tolerant country; it is home to 160 different ethnic groups who live together in peace, and followers of all the biggest world religions.   2. Get prestigious higher education recognized all over the world The Russian higher education system is comprised of more than 650 state universities where about 9 million people study; more than 210 000 of these come from about 200 different countries. 3. Learn Russian language he Russian language is one of the key languages of international communication. It is the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia, the most widely spoken among the Slavic languages, and the largest native language in Europe. More than 350 million people can speak Russian.   What does a young professional need to compete in today's job market? High-quality, prestigious education recognized all over the world.   Benefits of studying in Russia. More than 650 State University where more than 9 million people study of which 210 000 of these come from about 200 different countries. More than 300 educational specialties.Highly qualified teaching personnel of Russian state universities (on average 80% of professors hold Ph.D. degrees) guarantee top-quality education.The average cost of an academic year, including accommodation in a student hostel, is 2500-4000 USD.Russian higher education is an excellent opportunity to get to know a country which has a lot to offer. The Russian system of higher education One academic year in Russian Universities lasts for 10 months (September 1st – June 30th). The academic year is divided into two semesters: the first semester is September 1st – January 25th; the second semester is February 9th – June 30th. At the end of each semester (January and June) students take tests and exams in the disciplines that they have studied. Between semesters students have vacations: winter vacation (2 weeks: from 25th January to 9th February), and summer vacation (2 months: from 1st July to 30th August). During winter and summer vacations students may either stay in Russia or travel home.   Language of Study About 20 specialties are delivered in English. The results of international language tests (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, DALF, TCF etc.) are not required. Want to study in Russian?          

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Are you a full time university student who wants to acquire practical experience in his/ her field of study? Are you a university graduate looking...

Are you a full time university student who wants to acquire practical experience in his/ her field of study? Are you a university graduate looking for an opportunity to work abroad and gain experience? Are you a professional with many years of experience and want to work side by side with Americans in your field of experience? Are you looking for a chance which will enable you to make money, enhance your knowledge remarkably, gain the essential work experience you need and improve your English skills on a wide scale at the same time? Our Trainee Programs, Internship USA (INT USA) and Professional Career Training USA (PCT USA), are an excellent opportunity for students, recent graduates, and young professionals to spend up to 18 months in the United States gaining structured training in their fields of study. Through these two distinct programs, training is available for both students and non-students; can take place all year round; and is permitted in almost any field. The programs are second to none in terms of broadening horizons and gaining a useful addition to one's resume or CV. The primary objectives of Trainee program are to enhance the exchange visitor's skills in his or her specialty or non-specialty occupation through participation in a structured training program and to improve the participant's knowledge of American techniques, methodologies or expertise within the individual's field of endeavor. Such training programs are also designed to enable the exchange visitor to better understand American culture and society and to enhance American knowledge of foreign cultures and society and skills by providing the opportunity for open interchange of ideas between the exchange visitor trainees and their American countries. Internship USA The Internship USA program is designed for international students and recent graduates who want to go to the US to acquire professional work experience in their major field of study through participation in an employer’s training program. Participants become an asset to their profession as they develop career skills and learn US business practices while being immersed in American life and culture. In today's global and competitive business environment, the time spent working in the US will improve their competence and enhance their future working lives.   Divan Services     Assistance in obtaining a Job     Assistance in obtaining US-government issued documents DS-2019 and J-1 Visa allowing you to take employment in the USA     Extensive pre-departure information     Extensive support services in the USA     24 Hours emergency contact     Advisory staff throughout the program period     Orientation to visa counseling.     Travel arrangements and Tickets.     Full coverage insurance while you are abroad.     Help in obtaining social security number.     SEVIS registration     Meet and assist on arrival at entry airport for groups.     One night in New York with breakfast upon arrival              

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We are proud to announce launching the first specialized centre of its kind in the Arab region. Schneller Center is an important new...

We are proud to announce launching the first specialized centre of its kind in the Arab region. Schneller Center is an important new educational training centre using the most recent developments in educational techniques in the world. The most important special features in the Center it’s educational filed which consists of: the challenge garden for experimental education, the sense garden for intensive education, the educational support garden and meditation garden. The field is built on more than 4 hectares of Schneller School premises in Marka-Amman. Mission Statement In line with our understanding of the complexity of modern societies and its impact on the educational environment of students and adolescents, the Center’s mission is to equip educators with the lasts techniques in teaching and training students with a special education due to social and psychological factors, as well as in dealing with the various serious issues of social and psychological implications of modern social trends and changes. Targeted Groups The centre’s targeted groups are classroom teachers: support specialist; social workers; psychologist; counselors; speech/language therapists; school nurses; school administrative staff; administrative interns; educators working in boarding facilities; trainers; and vocational trainers. The various skills that the participants will learn during the course can also be applied to their daily working life. The aim is to develop the following social skills: Effective Communication Manage and overcome conflicts Develop compassion for others To be able to work in a team   There are two different challenges in the Hochseilgarten: A low element (left) A high element, raised at a height of 12 meters (right)                Certified trainer’s supervisor each section of the course, All 18 experts has international experience and the safety of the participants is a fundamental aspect of the training Who can use the Hochseilgarten? - Schools and Universities- Institutes and Embassies- Companies and Banks- Youth groups and Scouts The exercises of the heart of the Hochseilgarten follow a new education pedagogy set on developing a vital set of social skills. Its many obstacles challenge individual to work together using teamwork, creativity and organization to overcoming both physical and social barriers in the process. Participants get to know each other in a new, exciting setting, building stronger social bonds and creating a dynamic group spirit. The Hochseilgarten, or Rope-Course, was built in 2007 by a team of Jordanian and German experts.  All of the required material was graciously donated by the Evangelischen Stifing Pflege Schonau and the BBW Neckargemund gGmbH. What is ‘Experience Education’? It is a proactive approach to learning comprised to 3 main elements: Teamwork, adventure and a close interaction with nature. The main objectives are to: Identify, develop, and apply the unique skills of every individual Reinforce interpersonal communication Achieve a sense of team spirit Promote peaceful conflict resolution.            

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Learn a language faster this summer by traveling abroad in an escorted group. Interactive lessons, activities and sports... Summer camps is...

Learn a language faster this summer by traveling abroad in an escorted group. Interactive lessons, activities and sports... Summer camps is one of the fastest and most fun ways to learn and gain skills for English and is the best way to give children the opportunity to improve their Language level and rely on themselves and acquire new knowledge and friendships around the world. We give your child a chance to travel in a very enjoyable atmosphere full of learning systematic and extraordinary activities and fun excursions in the summer time, we offer camps in the United States, UK, Turkey and others and you can share us your thoughts and we make it a real by organizing the summer camp in line with the needs of your children, such as football camps with the most prestigious clubs in the world, as well as contemporary dance education and acting, and various sports such as tennis, basketball and other recreational activities that help to refine the character of our children, and our oriented camps the child  will feel that he is in top of the world and they will in a wonderful experience that will lead them to be future leaders. Our summer camps for children and young juniors from the age (10-17) aims to provide an educational secured atmosphere full of safety , entertainment and travel as well with sports activities and trips and what make our camps distinguishes the consistency and compatibility with the age of the children categories so that children with students from the same or close age that will add harmony and provides security. Divan International, in cooperation with our distinguished global educational organizations have designed the camps to be successful and well prepared to take the benefits from the camp and our camps are focused and fully accurate on the child's safety and follow-up and supervision from the moment of his arrival in destination country camp and till the moment of his departure in to his home country, and in fact, our role begins much earlier from the moment the child book of the camp we arrange his arrival to the country of study and provide parents with all the necessary information about the camp and the services available and the procedures for what our services and programs while he is in the camp, and many detailed information that will make the child's stay enjoyable and useful, that make his educational camps fun and secured. We provide a safe host families for all our kids with a well selected and secured families that offer the  personal care and welcoming methods or in boarding prepared residency for children full 7 days and under the supervision of a 24-hours With Divan International our camps participants get the full attention since the arrival and until departure As a camp counselor on CIEE’s Camp Exchange USA program, you will spend up to ten weeks in the great outdoors, gaining new skills, learning to be a leader and experiential educator, and making friendships that last a lifetime. Plus, you will have 30 days following the camp experience to travel the country, taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes that make America unique!   Do You Have What it takes to be a Role Model at Summer Camp? Energetic, fun-loving, and happy in a highly active environment Flexible, dependable, and reliable Respectful of others Skilled at leading and collaborating Excellent English conversational skills Age from 18 to 30 years old preferable placement (19 to 25) years old Have leadership experience of some kind (in their school, community, with a Project, etc) Are interested in outdoor activities (camping, hiking, swimming, boating, biking, etc) Outgoing, warm, and friendly personalities, being a camp counselor is an exhausting job But you are expected to be the source of energy, fun, and Warmth for your campers throughout the summer Let’s get started! Eligibility   First, determine if you’re eligible. To participate in CIEE’s Camp Exchange USA program, you must:     Be at least 18 years old by June 1st.     Have specific and extensive experience working with kids     Be a native speaker of English or be fluent in English     Have demonstrated leadership experience     Be available to arrive in the U.S. no later than June 20th, and stay for at least nine weeks   Program benefits: Make lifetime Friendships Experience American Culture Gain Leadership Experience Make difference in kid’s lives Take part in a unique American Traditions Improve your English skills Build a strong personality Be the ambassador to your country and Culture Ready for the Unforgettable American Experience          FAQs: Who is eligible for the program? University students, graduates, and non-students between the ages of 18 and 30 are eligible for the program. All applicants must have experience working with kids, leadership experience, and/or skills and experience in a general range of activities offered at summer camps.   What are the program dates? You must be available for nine weeks, leaving for the U.S. no later than June 20th. Preference is given to applicants who are available at an earlier date and for longer periods of time. For the best chance of placement, applicants should be available between the dates of June 1 and August 25.   What skills and/or experience do I need to have? You must have experience working with kids and/or hold skills relevant to the activities typically offered at U.S. summer camps. You could be a student, teacher, sports instructor, or youth worker. For a list of common activities offered at summer camps.   What is the application deadline? To be submitted by early February. Check with Divan International and don’t wait until the application deadline to apply!   What is a J-1 visa? The J-1 visa provides non-U.S. citizens with the opportunity to share their culture by working in the U.S. for a temporary period. This visa is required to work as a camp counselor or as a member of the support staff through the CIEE Camp Exchange USA program.  

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Continuing professional learning is today an absolute requirement for teachers, trainers, and academic directors. Our training programs...

Continuing professional learning is today an absolute requirement for teachers, trainers, and academic directors. Our training programs are designed to equip you with the skills you need in changing and complex times. We help you to develop your practical work skills quickly and effectively in a supportive and inspiring atmosphere. Our trainers are experienced in working with teachers from many countries, and are continually updating their own expertise. Our social program is integral to the experience of learning, and enables you to meet teachers from around the world, practice and update your English further, explore the culture and enjoy yourself. The programs cover preparation for industry standard qualifications, language development and a wide range of in-service methodology and specialist courses. The programs are offered in the UK at the Hastings, Cambridge and London centers and in the USA at the New York centre.   Career stages Whatever your stage of professional development we have programs to suit you. Pre-service Brush up your English Advanced Language and Culture Practical Methodology CELTA  Novice teacher  Brush up your English Advanced Language and Culture Practical Methodology CELTA  Teaching Pronunciation and Intonation Teaching Business English IT in the ELT classroom Teaching Young Learners Experienced Teacher Brush up your English Advanced Language and Culture Teaching Pronunciation and Intonation Teaching Business English IT in the ELT classroom Teaching Young Learners New Trends The Art of Facilitation DELTA (full-time) / DELTA (part-time) Teacher trainer New Trends The Art of Facilitation Becoming a Teacher Trainer  Manager The Art of Facilitation Tailor made program Any stage Tailor made program  Pre-course Preparation  On submission of an application form, you will be asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire describing your teaching background, experience and teaching context; the topics of areas which are of particular interest to you on this course, and the outcome with which you hope to leave the course.  You will be invited to bring a selection of your own materials so that the course can, where possible, be directly related to the needs of your work.                Teaching MethodologyThe courses are experiential and practical. Methods of work include demonstration and discussion of techniques, workshops on task and materials design, discussion and reflection, and interactive tutor led lectures. Courses take place in a working school and opportunities exist to observe experienced teachers.   Follow-upAt the end of the course you and your colleagues will be asked to agree on whether or not to: Continue the e-mail group with or without tutor support beyond the course for an agreed specified time.Complete a post-course assignment, describing and commenting on how the course has influenced your teaching practice. To be submitted within 3 months of the course ending.   Social ProgramOur centers provide a social program of evening activities and half day and full day excursions at weekends to enable you to make the most of your stay with us. Your course tutor will often accompany you on evenings out and you will have ample opportunities to socialize with other teachers and practice your English.          

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To qualify for work as a Registered Nurse in one of the above countries you have to meet the conditions set for the country of your...

To qualify for work as a Registered Nurse in one of the above countries you have to meet the conditions set for the country of your choice. The conditions are as follows: To working in the USA you need: Bachelor Degree in Nursing, 5 years experience, OR Master Degree Bachelor Degree in Nursing, 2 years experience in: ICU, CCU, or ER Surgical You have to successfully pass the US NCLEX Exam as required to practice nursing (we prepare you for NCLEX) To working in Canada you need: Bachelor Degree in Nursing ILETS score 5.0 or higher 1 year experience Note: We will help to successfully pass the Canadian CRNE Exam. we can Prepare you for CRNE Exam in Canada. To working in the UK: Bachelor Degree in Nursing 2 years experience Psycho related experience ILETS score 6.0 or higher, (if you meet all of the above qualify you for work permit) To working in Australia: ILETS score 7.0 or higher qualify you directly for a R. Nursing job (pay Aus. $ 35-$ 50 per hour), or; ILETS score 6.0 and attend 1 year Nursing School, qualify you for work as RN without the ILETS  Attend a 1year program (cost Aus. $ 10,000) to qualify as a RN and the ILETS score 7.0 shall not be required This program in cooperation with American Health American Health American health is a US established nurse staffing and educational agency based in New York City, USA. And is exclusively dedicated to the training and placement of nurses in the United States and other countries, such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, where we have access to satellite office facilities. It has come to our attention through our partner Divan International that there is a sizeable number of nurses who have completed their Bachelor’s degrees studies and have a great desire to continue their education for the US NCLEX exam and/ or Master degree, and wish to be able to pursue their career opportunities in the said countries where shortages of qualified nurses exist. We carefully select the nurses who become part of our team. These nurses are assisted throughout the process such as obtaining the required visas for each respective country and completing all the required preliminary examinations. and process them into universities and assist them find employment within these countries if needed. In addition, we have made available a two-months training course for the NCLEX and CRNE exams using materials prepared by American and Canadian professors. And Since English may not be the primary language of the applicants, we offer assistance in passing the IELTS or EPT. To this effect, our English schools of fully certificated and experienced teachers of the English Language have prepared materials to assist the nurses in the successful completion of the qualifying English Language Testing Component. The Program This program is designed to advance our RN nurses’ professional and qualification levels, and to aid them obtain the US or Canadian Nursing Board credentials. This will help them gain better jobs opportunity anywhere to improve their quality of life. This program can be achieved by traveling to the USA and studying the NCLEX and or continue your education for BA or the Master, at prime US university with affordable cost.          

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