Study in USA

The community college is considered one of the most important educational stages, that gives the students the opportunity to study in different majors, also the community college is considered low-cost tuitions compared to the universities, this educational system provides the students with the opportunity to gain credits for the first 2 years of the Bachelor’s degree .
The college provides the students with many benefits including chances to improve their English language skills and help them to integrate these skills into the American culture and new society.  
Furthermore, community colleges allow students from a wide variety to study together in classrooms and learn from each other.
Students straight out of high school work side by side with adults returning to school after having been in their career field for a while.
You will meet students from a variety of ethnicities, socio-economic classes, and overall lifestyles. You will benefit from these differences between students when working on group assignments, attending study groups, or just chatting with classmates between classes.

Why to study in the community college:

•    Low cost affordable for the students, the tuitions fees and the living cost compared to universities.
•    Flexible transfer to any universities to complete the bachelor degree level
•    The community college offers a wide range of programs.
•    Small student numbers and small classes, the average of 30 students in each class which provides a strong attention and ongoing support from the professors.

Required documents:

•    High school transcripts
•    Bank letter for the existence balance MIN of 17,000 U$ for the student’s sponsor
•    5*5 pictures white background
•    Copy of passport that is valid for at least 9 months