Work and Travel

Work & Travel USA allows international students to discover life in the United State, with great flexibility and at an affordable cost. the Work and Travel program is designed for the purpose of giving overseas students a chance to become more than typical tourists by having first hand experience in the U.S working with U.S citizens in temporary employment, most importantly you will discover America and yourself during your summer vacation. Through out the work & travel U.S.A program you can work in a variety of jobs for a period for your university summer vacation.                

Benefits of the program:

  •     Discover America
  •     Immerse yourself in American culture
  •     Get Practical work Experience
  •     Improve your English language skills
  •    Gain Travel History & Experience
  •    Build Self-confidence and Self-dependency
  •    Enhance your work skills
  •    Improve your CV


Eligibility Requirements:

  •     You have 18+ years old.
  •     You are registered as a full time student at a university.
  •     You are able to function in an English-speaking work environment.
  •     Undergo an English language interview.


For more information about working in the United States of America please visit the Employment Options

Types of Jobs allowed in Work and travel USA

  •     Amusement Parks
  •     Resort work
  •     Hotel work
  •     Restaurant work
  •     Department stores
  •     temporary office work
  •     theme parks


Types of Jobs not allowed in Work and travel USA

  •     Au pair, mother helper, nanny, babysitter, servant, maid or other jobs of a domestic nature in private home.
  •     All type of medical services.
  •     Camp counselor, crew member on ships or airplanes.
  •     Any door to door sales job.


Important Documents:

  •     A copy of a valid passport.
  •     5 appropriate color smiling photo size 5×5. (US embassy required)
  •     A copy of English proficiency proof or Program Test taken at Divan.
  •     Complete the participant application form.
  •     A student proof from your university – two original copy.


Other important documents you may need when applying to the US Embassy such: as a bank statement, visa fee receipt, a completed US visa application … etc.
For more information about important documents please visit US Embassy FAQ


Our part in your Journey

  •     Assistance in obtaining a Job.
  •     Assistance in obtaining US-government issued documents DS-2019 and J-1 Visa allowing you to take employment in the USA.
  •     Extensive pre-departure information.
  •     Extensive support services in the USA.
  •     Advisory staff through out the program period (24/7).
  •     Orientation to visa counseling interview.
  •     Travel arrangements and Tickets.
  •     Full cover insurance while you are abroad.
  •     Help in obtaining social security number.
  •     SEVIS registration



Students participating in the program must attend two orientation sessions:

1 Visa orientation conducted by our staff at Divan Travel Student. During which you will learn:

Useful information about how to complete your application documents; Ds-156 Ds-157, Ds-158
You will also learn how to apply to U.S embassy, interview tips, what kind of documents you need to take in order to obtain a visa.


2 Host Country Orientation conducted by Our staff which will give you a chance to meet the people who will provide you with the help and advice you will need during your stay in the U.S.A and to answer any questions you may have, and You will get a scoop on important issues as:

Program support services
Up date on employment trends.
Tips on work and housing.
General guidelines on making the most of your Work & Travel USA program.
Tax refund details, banking and your rights and obligation as an employee and tenant .
Immediate practical advice on local transport system and communication



Please Note:

Participant’s stipend or wages might not cover all of their  expenses . Ensure that you have enough money upon arrival in the USA to cover additional coast, such as domestic transportation in the USA Transportation to and from work, housing coast, meals, or spending money. bring additional personal funds about 1000US$ to cover your  expenses, while you are in the united states.