Since 1987, NCUK has expanded across four continents and attracted students from over 100 nationalities every year. Since then, they have helped more than 30,000 young people to gain a spot at one of their university partners.
NCUK is a consortium of leading UK universities dedicated to giving international students guaranteed acceptance at one of their partner universities and guaranteed access to universities worldwide.
NCUK established a foundation year for international students from around the globe to be qualified for studying the Bachelor Degree in 17 UK universities and 27 worldwide. IFY designed for all academic streams: Science, Literature and Business, upon students’ selections and desires. IELTS, TOEFL or Password specific achievement grade is required.
IFY will be held in Jordan for all Middle Eastern students at Luminus Technical University College, and under the supervision of Divan International based on a joint collaborative agreement that has been signed on December, 2018.
IFY is designed for high school (Tawjihi) students graduated from public or private schools to prepare them for first year entry to thousands of undergraduate degree courses.
IFY helps students to bridge the gap between their current qualifications and starting their first year university degree.
IFY helps students succeed when they are in UK.

NCUK partner university list: 

UK & Worldwide


There are other 2 Medicine Universities that have joined NCUK in 2018, students can get guaranteed access to either one of them, by studying Math for Science in addition to 2 other scientific modules upon their choice (Chemistry, Physics or Biology).



Medicine at University of Central Lancashire in UK
St. George’s University (SGU) in the Caribbean

Why enrolling in IFY in Jordan before choosing your academic destination:

• IFY will save students from the cost of living for a whole year as they are twice as high as university tuitions.
• No need to enroll to one of these programs (SAT & IB & IGCSE), as completing “Tawjihi” from any school would enable the enrolment into IFY.
• IFY at the Luminus University Technical College will provide students with the world class atmosphere; being the first to introduce such programs.
• The NCUK partners are among the top-rated universities internationally, plus the costs of studying is affordable for all.
• 99% of Visa success rate for NCUK students.
• Students with high grades in IFY will have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship at these universities.
• IFY qualifies students with English language, educational and cultural skills they need during their studies abroad.
• IFY enables students to choose any major career path they wish among thousands of available ones.